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Nights in

Nights in are the greatest and especially after the busy week I have had. A night filled with lemon tart, chai and re-watching One Day. Such a delightful way to spend my first day away from prac! These holidays shall bring so much joy!

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Girlz night

So very delightful to have a night dedicated to painting my nails, facials, hair masks, moisturising and just general maintenance with my lovely roommate. All whilst watching Sliding Doors.

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Good morning world. Today is such a miserable day to be outdoors but delightful if you are one of the lucky ones still residing in bed. Raining days always give you the feeling that snuggling up, drinking hot chocolate and watching movies is the better place to be. Today I am neither excited or unhappy to start the day. One week and I shall be able to resume what I like to think as my normal life. Too many weeks with too much commitment and not enough time for anything. I welcome the thought of clean clothes an not stacks of washing everywhere, time to relax and spend with the ones I love.

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You go along not realising it until it hits you. You’ve slowly changed from what you used to be into the person you want to be, the person you’re meant to be. You’re on the road that suits you and you like it. Things are good, things are different and you didn’t even realise the transition. We change everyday and sometimes we don’t ever realise the change, and sometimes we do. The change is what keeps us moving. Change is necessary and the only thing that keeps you wanting more. Change is me.

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So very happy at the moment. I’m possibly, no I am, the poorest I’ve ever been, working the most hours I’ve ever worked, but loving the journey I’m on. The end is near for placement and with 3 weeks and 2 days left, I am to say the least, a little more than excited for the end date. It has been the most amazing journey but I am looking forward to returning back to Uni (who would have thought!). Days spent missing classes if it’s too cold to get up and having plenty of time to play. This year has brought so much greatness and challenges that have shaped me in a positive and more ‘mature’ way. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year shall bring. Hopefully more time for the things I love, such as photography. At least I have a few events to look forward to such as a pretty lady and handsome lads wonderful wedding day in less than 2 weeks and a fashion styled shoot this week. If only I had more time!

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